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Heavenly Touch Maids is one of the most exciting franchise opportunities available today. When you open a Heavenly Touch Maids franchise, you are not only getting the best support system in the industry. We provide virtually everything you need to open your business, which saves you valuable time and money.


Heavenly Touch Maids

Typical Maid Franchise

Franchise Fee $14,900
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$20,000 +
Upfront investment $9,999 - $22,299 (cost of office, etc.) $90,000 +
Territory Fee None $15,000 +
Exclusive Territories Population and Geography based; 200,000 minimum in population up to a 10 mile radius from any other HT office. 7,500 - 15,000 "Qualified Households"
Additional Territories 50% Discount 
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$.90 - $1.50 per "Qualified Household"
Franchise Terms 5 year term w/ FREE renewal options 10 - 15 year term
Royalty Expense 5 - 7%  7 - 10%
National Marketing Fee None 2% mandatory
Software Included with Initial Franchise Fee. Proprietary software includes all management tools. Free upgrades for life. Yes / $900 - $1,200+ per year
Technical / Computer Support Yes / Free No
Commercial Cleaning Yes No
Required Number of Vehicles No Yes
Required Purchases None Many

Franchise Fee

Heavenly Touch Maids franchise fee is $14,900, and that fee includes the price of your exclusive territory. Most other franchisorís franchise fees can total from $30,000 all the way up to $80,000. Heavenly Touch Maids keeps your costs low by dealing directly with you rather than using sub-franchisors or independent sales people. Not only does it cost more, but also sales people just donít know the business as well as the people running it. And, we would rather see you be more successful by spending those dollars on more important things, such as office space, or increased marketing.

Upfront Investment

Heavenly Touch Maids average investment is $9,999 to $22,299. This investment goes towards establishing an office presence, cleaning supplies & equipment, marketing, payroll, overhead and other various expenses required to get started. Most other residential cleaning franchisors require $90,000 and up due to their higher fees and requirements / restrictions.

Territory Fee / Exclusive Territories

Heavenly Touch Maids territories are among the largest and most flexible in the industry. There is no territory fee because it is FREE. Most residential cleaning franchises have territories based on 7,500 - 15,000 "Qualified Households". Heavenly Touch Maids exclusive territories are quite simple - they are based on a 200,000 population. We talk with each of our franchisees personally, and create an exclusive territory that will help them achieve their business goals. 

Additional Territories

Not only do we start you off with your base territory, but we also offer additional territories at a special price ONLY available to Franchise Owners (click here for details). Each additional territory is also based on a huge 200,000 population that you also have "Freedom of Choice" to select. This is just another way to save you more money so that you can put it into your business for faster and larger results. Your success is our success.

Franchise Terms

Not only do we offer the largest territories in the industry, the length of the Franchise Term is 5 years with absolutely FREE renewal. That's renewal fees. If you are not successful and totally happy with being a franchise of Heavenly Touch Maids, you can terminate your franchise or renew for FREE. Most other residential cleaning franchises lock you in for 10, 15 and some even 20 years. With Heavenly Touch Maids, you have "Freedom of Choice" and your success is our success. We feel THAT is how all franchises should operate.

Royalty Expense

The Heavenly Touch Maids royalty fee starts at 7% and decreases to 5% after you achieve $300,000 in annual sales. This translates into lower operating costs and greater profit for you. What's more important is what you get from your royalty fee...with Heavenly Touch Maids you get everything. Other franchisors will "nickel and dime" their franchisees with "Qualified Household" fees, software fees, and over-priced supplies just to name a few.

National Marketing Fee

The Heavenly Touch Maids National Marketing fee is ZERO. That's right; you pay nothing for national marketing. Why should you? You could better utilize your funds in your geographic area thus increasing your sales and profits.


The Heavenly Touch Maids proprietary software is a complete management application that gives you the power to run your business more effectively and more easily than other franchises. In a single database, our software offers solutions to all of your operational needs. Appropriately called One-Spot Plus, the software includes everything from employee scheduling, customer information, accounting and comprehensive management tools geared towards managing high volume business. Most other franchisors either make their franchisees purchase their own software or charge them an additional fee for it. Heavenly Touch Maids doesn't charge you a license fee or any additional fees whatsoever. The software is included in your Initial Franchise Fee and is utilized to perform two basic functions; #1) Assist you to achieve high volume results. #2) Assist you to keep it simple and make your life easier.

Technical / Computer Support

With the Heavenly Touch Maids proprietary software you receive FREE lifetime support in addition to FREE lifetime upgrades. The software is designed to be user friendly and easy to learn. Our franchisor business model is quite simple - we succeed when you succeed and this software is a tool for you to utilize for your success. 

Commercial Cleaning

The Heavenly Touch Maids business model not only includes residential cleaning, but also commercial cleaning. There are no additional costs as this is included in your Initial Franchise Fee. Everything with the Heavenly Touch Maids business model is designed towards high volume business. You will not have any additional franchise costs associated with high volume business model.

Required Number of Vehicles

Most franchisors require you to have an automobile for each team. This is just not necessary with the Heavenly Touch Maids business model. Not only is our business model designed towards high volume, but it is also designed towards high profits. Your funds can be better utilized towards employee compensation and benefits, marketing your business and of course, increasing your bottom line, which means more money in your pockets.

Required Purchases 

Heavenly Touch Maids does not require you to make any purchases through us. Other franchisors will give you a list of items you must purchase through them. However, we have a list of approved vendors and use our buying power to negotiate the best possible prices from wholesalers and allow you to purchase directly from them with no middleman. As a business owner you save money that you can invest in your business and grow it larger and more quickly. We have everything you need, but the purchasing decisions are yours.

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